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Financial Literacy

Should we or should we not help the people who are not able to help themselves, against the financial machinery of the modern day Corporate? A common man is not literate enough to understand the complexity and after affects of the actions he takes financially.

Jungle out there!

Was it intentional or did we begin the civilized cities with the intention of making a jungle of brick and mortar? Although one would refrain to dabble about the great Neolithic / Agricultural revolution and the respective social evolution theories, it would be of significance relevance to ...

Bring Back the Dinosaur

Every global citizen although smiling and laughing on the outside is eventually if not surely fighting tooth and nail with a sensitive problem. The problem is called debt which as we discussed in our previous discussion.

Something in the dark

Global Danger: This is the current scenario of global debt on the planet earth as of today morning, 17th February 2014. As per the royal college of Psychiatry, One in two adults with debt has a mental health problem. One in four people with a mental health problem is also in debt.