Financial Literacy

Should we or should we not help the people who are not able to help themselves, against the financial machinery of the modern day Corporate? A common man is not literate enough to understand the complexity and after affects of the actions he takes financially. Countless surveys on financial literacy of normal every day people has always proven that. Then if he fumbles and makes mistakes which leads him to debt, should we be criminalizing him or sending him to financial rehab. A financial rehabilitation center could be the place, where he would be taught about the complexities of finance and how he can better plan his financial future, may be his debt can be written off or re-organised. Giving a 90 days notice creates only complex situation that can lead to crime in most cases.

An alcoholic, drug addict, a psychologically disturbed person, all of them are forced to rehab socially, but a person facing financial doom, because he made a mistake in financial analysis is criminalized. We as a society have to reassess our stand on such situations. If the person is not involved in gambling, pornography or any other gross crime and has undergone in financial strain merely while acting as a family man or a business man. Should such a person  be criminalized? The finance industry should take responsibility of the toxic waste of DEBT and destruction it leaves in its path. They should have measures of helping such people up and not feel relieved, by making people sign tiny visibly invisible disclaimers. And playing with interest rates means peanuts to people already lost their homes and families to this socially toxic holocaust.

The financial industry should realize by now, that the after affects of their product lines on the globe is DEBT. We as a society co-exist for mutually beneficial balance. As a collection of population that is designed to thrive by providing for each others needs with mutual benefit. Ignoring this very fact would lead to the social decomposition of the city structure and later on the nation itself.
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