Jungle out there!

Was it intentional or did we begin the civilized cities with the intention of making a jungle of brick and mortar?

Although one would refrain to dabble about the great Neolithic / Agricultural revolution and the respective social evolution theories, it would be of significance relevance to discuss the current status.

Do we or don’t we want to represent the jungle in city format?

Analyzing both sides of the argument, if we want to go pro jungle design in city format, then lets go all out. I mean why do we need hypocritical rules and regulations, lets begin with every man for himself concept, pure jungle style. Of course we will be faced with murder, theft, rape and chaotic barrage of crimes. But each one of us will know our stand. Only the ones favored with comfort that comes along with selective peace and harmony will not be safe any more. Surprisingly the majority would not care then, would they?

Then there is the search for peaceful harmony and mutual benefit, the second option. Keep in mind as tempting as this sounds this option has a lot of work cut out for us. Work, which is collective in nature, so as to become self serving. We as a society have embarked on a journey since the agricultural revolution as some theorists say, to co-exist as a society which would be mutually beneficial. As a collection of population that is designed to thrive by providing for each others needs with mutual benefit. Ignoring this very fact would lead to the social decomposition of the city structure and later on the city itself.

It then becomes in every member of the city’s interest, that they struggle to maintain the balance that co-exists. And one of the things which a man is capable of doing is struggle with social causes that fill the cracks in societies. Causes like building a school or playgrounds in localities much needed, caring for the old, with may be old home centers or free medical, taking care of the poor and downtrodden or even marital problem counseling for couples who cannot afford them are causes which need to be installed with or without the assistance of government organizations. But the Elite of the society show laziness in such causes. So we are faced with the inevitable. The jungle in the shape of cities.

A web of deception is generated, and the ones who also eventually get entangled in this web, are the very people who create this web, thinking that they are attaining nirvana in the shape of profit. But that is a different discussion altogether. It is at times like this that the people with intellect from all walks of life need to pool their resources. Because it was people like them in the first place who laid the foundation of these great cities and the great metropolises around the globe since time. And it is time for them to come together from all walks of life and all parts of globe, to synergize and reproduce the great results they generate together in their own social environment, or community.
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