Bring Back the Dinosaur

Every global citizen although smiling and laughing on the outside is eventually if not surely fighting tooth and nail with a sensitive problem. The problem is called debt which as we discussed in our previous discussion.

 If one thinks wisely, all of our prejudices to caste, creed, religion, nationality or ethnicity are actually used to skillfully divide us and benefit the few at the top. It no longer helps or is in any ones interest to be biased in any way or form. It is right time to generate an online community that uses the online medium to unite to fight a distinct cause. Online shopping, online gaming, crowd sourcing and all the other online business platforms have thought us that people can interact skillfully on a global level. But this interaction can be used to fight something, sensitive and crucial to the global population

The top brass population has always stressed that people on a collective level tend to create hysteria and follow perversions, but if you take the 500 global websites on crowd funding, you will not find this to be true. In fact of the 500 or more crowd funding websites only one website talks about pornographic material. This is an amazing statistic! It shows that people in general are good people and would like to help each other. But due to the ever decomposing financial design we tend to hoard unethically in accounts for a rainy day and cause our neighbor to have draught. (Hypothetically speaking)

 It sounds Jurassic park old school but we have to learn to help each other and strengthen each other up rather than hoard wealth and concentrate our lives and careers on strengthening our communities, only based on human values. There can be no bias if we have to survive as a race.

Here is a bit of food for thought. The world undernourished population as per the WHO statistics from 2010 to 2012 was 870 million approx. The world latest internet population online is 2.4 billion approx. Imagine half of them giving 1$ per month!, that is 1.2 billion dollars for a population of 870 million. It is quite evident this small 1$ per month by half the worlds internet community can remove  undernourishment global population and hunger, in one year with a whopping collection of 28.8 billion dollars.
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