Something in the dark

Global Danger:

This is the current scenario of global debt on the planet earth as of today morning, 17th February 2014.

As per the royal college of Psychiatry, One in two adults with debt has a mental health problem. One in four people with a mental health problem is also in debt.

It’s always tempting to just not think about it – but then it becomes, uncomfortable, it will start giving you the feeling of guilt, depression, and make you lose the very thing this world runs on…hope, for a better tomorrow.

While there are countless stories of financial crisis and how everything just spiraling downwards in the abyss, Is there still possible to propose a solution for this ever increasing problem, which our economist and all the great financial minds have not been able to tame rather only postpone the inevitable.

The truth of the matter is that although jobs were lost and people lost mental health and physical wealth, WEALTH as it is did not vanish, It just went into the hands of a few.

But we the majority of the people are many, approximately 7 billion and more in the globe, so is it then possible for us to counter this every rising cyclone of human disaster, if we join hands together globally.

Right now the total global debt stands at 52.6 trillion dollar increasing in hundred of thousand dollars every second. Which brings to total debt on global level individually even if distributed to about 7’528.00$ each.

So the next question to ask is crowd funding the answer to this problem in some unique way or the up and down of interest rates which seems to do nothing but create more confusion and create a smaller list of the rich top brass.
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