About Us

Iwithwe.com is a Middle East based community donation based crowdfunding business model that helps, strengthen's communities through communal harmony, rather than hoarding wealth and see neighbors die of hunger. Our company promotes the use of We instead of I, so that we can realize I with we is the only way to fight the losing battle against DEBT and all humanitarian persistent issues. This was the reason iwithwe.com was selected as the top 25 most promising UAE startups in 2015 by Forbes Middle East. Currently Iwithwe is operating with local charities based in UAE, Qatar, KSA and India.

The first company of its kind, based in the system of crowd funding which has actually developed a platform to help its community members come out of debt brick by brick, stone by stone and work on other humanitarian issues.

Bigger this community becomes, so does its potential to help its online community members. Currently the world undernourished as per the WHO statistics from 2010 – 2012 is 870million.Global internet population online is 2.4 billion approx. Imagine half of them giving 1$ per month, that is 1.2 Billion Dollars for a population of 870 million who can be removed from undernourishment and hunger!. The support we received from CPI Best Small Business nomination for 2016 is a living testimony that We and I are together and this is what people are looking for, and we are happy that we are being enabled to be an important part of this...

How can you join?

Feel free to send us your interest via email or become an active member by registering with us. Lets make a stronger and more caring community on-line which will fight Community Debt and all its subsequent evils together hand in hand, God willing.

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