Choosing Sides

The other day I got into a friendly discussion about, the only reason the person who I know very closely felt will not work is because, it sounds like dirty linen was being washed in public. Another said it was like giving hope to people and taking it away. Quite frankly these are some very logical excuses.

But there is a thing which is of concern. The economy of the world has only deteriorated with time. Suicide rate for example as per 16 American States data in 2008 has been, as following.

Although this shows that financial problems are at the smallest percentage of the data, there is something very misleading in this data.

As per the Royal college of Psychiatry,

  • One in four adults will have a mental health problem at some point in their life.
  • One in two adults with debts has a mental health problem
  • One in four adults with mental health is also in debt

This means that the collective data on suicides has been grossly skewed because; the statistics for suicide take into reasoning mental health and financial problems as two different parameters. But as per Royal College of Psychiatry if mental health is the leading factor in suicides then unfortunately, this means 60% of people with Mental Illness will be committing suicide.

Although as per the World Psychiatry data from WHO, In some places, it is believed that suicide is underreported by a percentage between 20% and 100%. Suicide is among the 10 leading causes of death for all ages in most of the countries for which information is available. In some countries, it is among the top three causes of death for people aged 15-34 years. In the year 2020, approximately 1.53 million people will die from suicide based on current trends and according to WHO estimates. Ten to 20 times more people will attempt suicide worldwide. This represents on average one death every 20 seconds and one attempt every 1-2 seconds.

Even as per the World Psychiatry society the presence of a mental disorder is an important risk factor for suicide. It is generally acknowledged that over 90% of those who committed suicide had a psychiatric diagnosis at the time of death.

What am I saying, in between all the survey data dabble. We as a society are driving the globe to DEBT, and then insanity, and then…. Suicide. It is tempting to blame some kind of global conspiracy behind this state. But I would not do that. I would blame it on greed, prejudice and loss of humility. We have been fighting for a greener grave and nothing else. The 4 bedroom apartment, the Escalade SUV or the Higher Education of children to be boasted in social circles means nothing, if the very world you leave behind for them is crumbling psychologically. This might include your children.

We have to stop, and look around. Around our neighborhood, our society, our facebook page if we can. We need to monitor DEBT, not criminalize the in debtor, but to help them up. Some of the people who have a refined and respectable view on life are the people who have been helped in the situation of DEBT.

So at the end of discussion, this might be a lost cause, but it is the only hope we as humanity have. The hope that we stop to look around, stop to care, stop to stop talking about I and start behaving like We. Because once We, are corrupted, deranged with DEBT and insanity. Once We are pushed towards mass suicide. I …., will stop existing inevitably.

"He that dies pays all debts" - WIlliam Shakespeare

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