The Beginning

We have started this business model because we feel that there is a strong need for this. Debt is not an healthy state to be in. It is not healthy for any mind, nor for any state. Co-operation between individuals should be based on human factors and not debt. And we feel that this model is the best suited for any society to get rid of its bad debts. But we are co-operating between each other because we feel that caring for each other will relieve us of Debt.

We are not here to challenge authority, rather making an attempt to prove that there are many ways to go about finance. And what better way is for humanity than the humane and humanity based way on empathy, co-operation and mutual human benefit.

How did we arrive at this conclusion? Please see the video below.

So how do you think we can achieve this? Please see the below video.

But to reach to that level we need the community to do two things.

1)    Join with us

2)    Support us by sharing

3)    Support us by donating

save the free men

We are also coming up with our Arabic blogs and news letter to update you on our developments. Our lives we feel would be less miserable if we did not have to worry about the basic necessities of life and concentrate on developing ourselves as a better person. But for that we need to discipline our desires not ignore them. And the first step starts with learning to give than to receive, and this will come back at you in a way which is beautiful and well timed.

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