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The Friends of Indian Community are formed with an intention to develop a back bone for all Indian communities in their times of despair and need. FOIC has a humanity based agenda towards its country men. But at the same time prefers sustainability and empowerment over charity and sympathy.

Backed by and supported with the crowd funding power of iwithwe.com, and its network of crowdsourcing NGO's Friends of Indian community is driven by the objective to bring people on a common platform of discussion, co-operation and preservation of Human values and respect leading to a communal harmony of uniqueness.
Based on these values FOIC will be launching all its campaign solely for the Indian community. The objective is bringing Indians in Qatar from all walks of life to a common platform of understanding and revisiting of Human core values that should be incorporated in corporate world.
Our message is to rely on each other irrespective of caste, creed and religion. This will in turn result in real peace and happiness, when we learn to love and care for each other rather than fear and oppress. Then we can be worthy of humanity and religion.
The President
Friends of Indian Community - Qatar





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